Impact Construction and Steel, Richard and Andrea Parker – BeWare!!!

Warehouse_0123We hired Impact Construction and Steel of Springtown, Texas, 3194 E. Hwy 199 phone 817-677-2700, cell phone 817-703-3632 and owned by Richard Parker and Andrea Parker and who reside at 103 Sunny Brook Court, Springtown, TX, in November 2013 to build a warehouse and RV carport for us beside our existing office in Granbury, Texas. Impact Construction and Steel job performance was substandard from the start. Richard Parker and Angela Parker began with setting the forms and pouring the concrete, the lack of proper oversight and inspection resulted in almost one third of the steel plates that were set in the concrete in order to allow for welding of the structural steel, to be set incorrectly due to improper measurements being taken. Richard Parker also tried to decrease the size of the entrance drive that was established in the plans in order to save money. Overhead door entrances were measured incorrectly which then caused Impact Construction and Steel to chisel out concrete instead of jack hammering out the incorrect concrete pour to try to make doorways work. Impact Construction and Steel also created door entrances that were for the incorrect types of doors. Overall the concrete work was very substandard.

The poor concrete work was only the tip of the iceberg of problems that then ensued. The structural framing was very poor and required me to point our multiple issues daily in order to try and prevent an unsafe and or unusable building. Impact Construction and Steel was required to completely reinstall the roof framing due to their attempt to try and lower one section of the roof to 12ft instead of the 14ft height as called for in the plans. This error, which we believe was intentional to save them money and time, created a huge problem with the roof which is now out of square and cannot have metal sheeting installed until it is repaired. The welding was not completed as agreed and most of the welds are tack welds with much of the support purlin held in place by screws.

At present the building is not complete as we are trying to find another company who can rebuild the framing in order get the building square enough to allow for the metal sheeting to be installed. And, we now have vendors who did work on the project that have not been paid by Impact Construction and Steel who are calling us and coming by our office looking for payment. I think Richard Parker is from Louisiana. You may contact me at anytime for additional information relating to our experience with this company.


Steve Haines,